The Shamanic Therapist & Practitioner and Reiki Master Mix

At the age of seven, I was moved to a remote Montana ranch in the Rocky Mountains. There, cut off from radio, television, newspapers, and most social activities, I roamed the wilds in the company of my horse and my dog. I learned many basic survival skills, how to deeply meditate and connect with spirit, and how to feel the life force energy that runs through all things. I learned how to communicate with my spirit guides as well as with the spirits of the animals, trees, plants, and rocks, and how to read the signs that were shown me. I learned to heal.

As an adult, I added Reiki to my Shamanic skills and have become a Reiki Master. I have studied other forms of energy healing and have achieved master levels in them, and I simply find that Reiki is best suited to me. Reiki works directly with the life force that flows through all things, and I am amazed and delighted at how powerfully Reiki works with Shamanism.

The following are a few examples of how Shamanism and Reiki work well together:

Stones and rocks are often used as a means of helping and healing individuals. I myself make natural gemstone jewelry for this purpose, and I often use stones when healing. I am never certain of who quarried the stones, nor am I certain of what kind of humor they were in when quarrying. The same goes for the people handling packaging and transport of the gemstones. If they were in a negative energy of any sort, it will leave an imprint on the stones. I use Reiki to cleanse them of negative energies before making the jewelry or before using stones in healing.

For an extraction of energy blockages, ancestral baggage, past life baggage, destructive patterns of behavior, or negative energy, I find that Reiki energy helps prepare people for an easier removal; kind of like watering a garden prior to extracting weeds. After the removal there is a virtual void within the person, and this I fill up with Reiki for positive high vibrating energy, Love, and healing.

In soul retrieval work, where the Shamanic Practitioner retrieves soul pieces that one has stashed away for safe keeping in times of severe trauma, I find that Reiki allows the individual to be more open and centered in the retrieving of their soul part. Afterwards, Reiki facilitates the integration process.

I have always used hands on healing for myself, for others, for animals, plants, trees, and Mother Earth. Learning the Reiki technique allowed me to fully master this process, and now I find the process to be much more focused and effective.

Shamanic healing and Reiki have existed for thousands of years. Coming from inner wisdom and based on human needs, they are a natural complement to each other. As we open our minds to the possibilities of our greater nature, we discover the unity that exists within all healing techniques.

Learning to become a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master

Our world is changing and we are changing. It is essential now more than ever before that we have well trained Shamanic Practitioners and Healers to help pave the way to a healthier tomorrow for ourselves, for all living beings, and for our planet. 

I am delighted to teach others to be Shamanic Practitioners and Reiki Practitioners. This is the combination that works well for me. This is the combination I have been teaching students for several years now. If you feel called to study with me and if I feel called to teach you, we will do beautiful work together. 

It is a path not to be taken lightly. It is a path that will change your life, throw you into some turbulent moments and some moments of great joy. It is a path that will bring you good health, clarity of mind, and greater confidence. It is a path where you will get to know yourself like never before. There will be great challenges along the way. There will be much learning and much healing.You will learn to find your place of peace, joy, and harmony. You will heal yourself and then you will be ready to heal the world.

The course is broken down into 3 sections. In each section you will receive a Reiki attunement and lessons on how to practice Shamanism and Reiki Healing. There will be books to read, I will share my knowledge with you, and you will be asked to practice the techniques you learn. At the end of the final section, you will receive a Reiki Master and Teacher Certificate and you will be fully able to practice Shamanism.

The course normally takes about a year to complete. You are most welcome to take more time if needed.

Contact me for further information.