Why Would A Unicorn Learn Ballet and French


When Dreamy the Unicorn sets out to grant Shona’s wishes, they leap into a fabulous adventure of learning all about ballet dancing and French words!

Why Would a Unicorn Learn Ballet & French? by Rachel Jessop & Tammy Appenzellar

Shona wants to learn ballet and what all the cool French words mean. She asks for help, and Dreamy the Unicorn comes to her rescue, taking them on a magical and fabulous journey of learning!

There is plenty of magic in Dreamy the Unicorn’s horn. They meet Tammy, a French ballet teacher, and journey together to a ballet school, a ballet production, and go behind the scenes, while learning key French words used in the world of ballet.

Everything you ever wanted to know about getting started in ballet including clothing and shoes, hairstyles and stage make-up, feet positions, auditions, productions, and how to take a bow are in this go-to book for young girls and boys interested in becoming a real ballet dancer and mastering the French words that go with it.



Shona inspired this book with her love for ballet and her desire to understand the meaning of the French words used in her classes.

As her mum, Rachel, loves helping Shona to grow and to learn, she reached out and found Tammy, who is fluent in French.

It was love at first sight for the three of them! And they laughed and giggled their way through the making of this book. 

Shona believes that learning is key to growing, and wants to share all the amazing things she learned in this beautiful collaboration. 

Many hours and much love was poured into this book to give you a taste of the fabulous adventure of dance and French rolled together. May it bless you.

With love and encouragement,

Shona & Rachel & Tammy


Publisher: True Structure (24 April 2021)

Language: English with French Translations

Paperback: 55 pages

Dimensions: 20.32 x 0.33 x 25.4 cm